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Your connection to the other side

I am dedicated to empowering people – to be a channel to bring forward healing and transformation. Sessions allow YOU to discover the insight you truly need to live an empowered life. 

Areas of Expertise

Mediumship, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Teachings and Channeling for individuals, couples and families.

I am an Empath, Highly sensitive person and lover of nature. I am a Medium and an Intuitive, and I believe this work chose me!


I love to work with the other side and the many spirits who have taught me so much. I love being the conduit to bring you closer to those who have crossed over.  


At first my gifts and abilities of sensing energies was very scary to me; I felt so different. Today, I am so grateful for my gifts and abilities to connect and tune into Spirit and those who have crossed over. I am blessed to help people to heal, to transform and to grow. 


I am excited to help people find hope and strength in who you are. I am excited to bring through the LOVE from the other-side and LOVE from those who have crossed over.

My focus is empowering people, to be the channel to bring healing, and transformation so you can discover how amazing you are! 

"Meeting Linda has entirely changed my view of life, and how I want to live it. She leaves me feeling empowered to honour all that I am, as I learn not to fight off my own intuition. I have a deeper sense of my spirituality and a underlying calm knowing that my passed on loved ones love me, and are cheering me on in my journey to fully embrace my authentic self.Linda, I can’t thank you enough for the comfort, insight and spiritual confirmation you have given me. I can’t wait to see you again!"

- Dawn

"I have had a few loved ones go to Linda before so I was very excited to try it out myself, and I highly recommend it! I go to counselling and had expected something similar, as I have never gone to an energy reader/medium before, but it was totally different and amazing work! Linda is wonderful and the experience is very peaceful and confirming, and like her signs and motto suggest, full of love! She is truly incredible and I left feeling like I had just taken off a heavy coat. And regardless of the content that gets covered (which is incredible!) the feeling of total unconditionality and compassion she exudes and helps you tap into in the session is both energizing for the soul and incredibly relieving, especially in such a tough time in history such as now. It is a wonderful feeling to get the opportunity to leave your ego at the door and move forward with total curiosity and love! I highly recommend booking with Linda!"

- Jess

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