"Linda is very compassionate about what she does and is spot on every visit with her I have had. I highly, highly recommend her to everyone out there.
She is a needle in the haystack, a shooting star, a once in lifetime, true to the heart genuine person who can bring you so much peace. Her gift is more than I ever could have imagined real and I was once a skeptic not sure but seeing is believing and I believe in Linda."
- Lana

"My husband and I have seen Linda twice and she is always bang on! She knew things that I had only thought about but never told anyone out loud! I have been to other mediums and I found myself doing most of the talking and almost giving them the information they needed. Linda isn't like that! The first time I saw her, I had a mental list of things I wanted to know, after the session was over, I realized she had answered every single one without me even having to ask! She even answered questions I didn't even know I had! She is the real deal and you won't regret meeting this gifted and beautiful soul"
- Tessa


Thank you for taking the time to view my service page.

Each session is 40-45 minutes and unique to the individual. No two sessions are the same.

Individual Sessions

Session: $200 CAD
*session options are in person, phone, or Skype*

2021 pricing: $200 CAD or $300 CAD for out of area


Home Parties
Regina & Fort Qu'Appelle area (4 people): $200 CAD per person 
Outside of Area (3 individuals): $300 CAD per person

Price may change depending on the distance.

Couples Sessions
Spouses and Life Partners: $285 CAD

Those who lost a child and want to make contact.


2021 pricing: $300 CAD or $350 CAD for out of area


A spiritual connection for those who have crossed and those still here. 
Let's make a connection.

Smaller family groups up to five people: $335 

Location: My home


NOTE: This is for families only. All must be related to reserve this category.
*Not everybody will get a reading. It is dependent on who or what message comes through.
**There will be an additional charge for out of town.


2021 pricing: $400 CAD

My Approach

Are you an open-minded, truth seeker who is feeling stuck, overwhelmed and searching for more in your life?

If so, I can help. I guide individuals to connect with their amazing-ness, so they can discover that they have everything already within them to be happy and fulfilled in their life.

By connecting with other realms and dimensions, I am able to bring through whoever can give you the information and insight that you need.

A session with me may include:

  • A connection with a loved one who has crossed over to bring clarity, closure or a reminder that they are proud of you and watching over you.

  • Guidance to bring about positive changes into your life.

  • Validation that you are on the right track.

  • Past life information about something that may need to be healed or cleared.

No two sessions are the same and whichever direction it goes, I hope it to be a fulfilling and empowering experience for you.


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