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with Linda Mullen


Language of Spirit Workshop

Tuning In and Discovering Your Language with Spirit

Three keys to discovering the language of spirit:

  1. Symbols

  2. Senses

  3. Touch

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Learn more about the language of spirit;

  • Give a mini reading for someone other than people you know; and

  • Develop your senses to a higher level of awareness.

I designed this workshop to be interactive, and may be giving some mini reads if I am called to. 

I have designed this seminar for those who want to develop and learn a language with spirit.

Spirit comes through in many different ways; sight, hearing, feeling and knowing. I will teach you to understand the symbols spirit sends us. Symbols are different for each of us and may have different meanings. After this workshop, you will be able to decipher many of them for yourself and others.

We will be working as a group and also pairing up with members of the workshop to practice and learn.


Next workshop:
March 30, 2024 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Such N Stuf Wellness Center & Gift Shop

1818 Mcara Street, Regina

Registration Fee: $150.00

Registration opens in March!

Journey of the Empath Workshop

Learning to Thrive Just the Way You Are

Are you an empath or highly sensitive? Do you consider yourself intuitive or a lightworker?

If so, this workshop is for you! Come learn and understand why you feel so much and how to use this gift in a positive nurturing way. 


This gift can come with obstacles such as anxiety, overwhelm, super sensitivity, feeling everything from everyone leading to fatigue and more.


I understand because I have been there, and have discovered the tools to THRIVE as an empath, and now I am sharing them with you.


In this workshop, you will learn the seven keys to embracing the empath that you are:

  1. Learn how to control and clear your energy field.

  2. Learn techniques to THRIVE as an Empath.

  3. Learn how to understand why you feel so much.

  4. Understand blending and intermingling energy.

  5. Understand the type of people who help you thrive and those who don’t.

  6. Learn the types and levels of an empath.

  7. Learn what heals and nurtures you.

Next workshop date to be announced.



I was at Linda’s workshop on Tuesday it was exactly what I was seeking for years. This is the second of her classes that I have attended both were phenomenal. And I will be doing the next ones as well. Linda is extremely knowledgeable and she is not scared to share her secrets. She included everyone she asked questions as well as answered everything she was asked. I’ve learned things that could not be found in a book. I felt completely different when I left from when I arrived. Thank you Linda



I attended the interactive workshop with Linda in Regina. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to share with such a great group of people. Linda is such an incredible and compassionate teacher, she truly made everyone feel comfortable and at ease with her words and her kindness. I highly recommend Linda’s workshop to those that need guidance, she is extremely helpful and interactive with everybody in the room.



I attended Linda’s Interactive Workshop. This was an absolutely amazing workshop and I highly recommend anyone to take it the next time it is offered. Linda’s knowledge and expertise is amazing and her willingness to share and educate is so genuine and full of love. This was truly an awesome experience with great energy in the room lead by a true, genuine, loving soul!

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